Attorney Marketing

Is Your Law Firm Making Any of These Critical Digital Marketing Errors?

Although we work with many businesses from many different industries, at NUVEW we serve many legal offices in the greater Midwest area. Because we serve so many legal clients we have a lot of experience and a detailed knowledge in helping attorneys achieve greater online marketing results. We have a solid understanding of what methods work and which ones aren’t so successful. That is important because we know that attorneys are highly successful individuals that have worked extremely hard to get to where they are today. (more…)

The Practice of Law will Grow a Lot More Competitive in the Coming Years

Law school graduates will soon put a different breed of attorney into practice. Established professionals need to worry. Out of sheer necessity, schools both elite and pedestrian have taken in more non-traditional students from a wider variety of backgrounds than ever before.

Attorneys with years of experience and professional accolades underestimate the challenge. These up and comers do not come from a cookie cutter background. They are more likely to have kids, to have worked menial jobs just to get by, to have come from inner city ghettos or mountain hollows. Last year, an adult film actress and dancer passed the most stringent bar exam in the nation, a sign of things to come everywhere.

And when they emerge, establish practices, and start scrapping for clients, they will hard sell their relatability. An attorney’s years of experience and professional accolades, they will claim, do not mean as much as a shared background or life experience. (more…)