Website Development

Determining When Your Website is in Need of an Update

Your Company’s Website

Let’s take a minute to look at your website. Does the design still meet your needs? Is it easy for your clients to use? When did you introduce it for the world to see? If it is over five years old, then it’s time for a website redesign. It is an investment worth making because every day more and more people are using the internet to purchase goods and services. Don’t be left in the cold — update your website today.

Current Website Design Fundamentals

Technology moves fast and with it brings change. In the old days if customers needed something you had to offer and your site moved very slow, they would wait — not anymore, now they go right to your competitor. Also, your site needs to be mobile ready. At NUVEW, we stay current with technology and can help you update your site. There are other fundamentals that are necessary for your website to be successful, such as social media and security.

Here are the design fundamentals:

  • Fast Loading — Your site needs quick loading times for all users on all devices. There are programs you can use to see your website speed.
  • Mobile Ready — Just about everyone in American has a smartphone. Your site needs to feature a mobile-friendly design so your customers can use your site when they use their phone to search.
  • Tracking Enabled — The only way you can tell if your website is doing what it should is by using Analytics. Your web design must have the functionality to mark critical indicators such as traffic, goals, and conversions.
  • Impactful SEO  — SEO is mandatory and what it does is it helps your website move up the ranks and onto the first page of Google Search.
  • Enabled CMS — Include a back-end Content Management System in your web design so your clients can respond to you! People like to comment.
  • Conversion Optimized — Campaign landing pages keep users moving through your site and will direct them to schedule an appointment, request a product demonstration, and even make a purchase.
  • Email Marketing — Everyone still uses email to communicate. Please make sure your email link is on your website and check it often.
  • Social Media — Make sure your social media accounts are linked on your website. Your clients will then have the opportunity to connect with you on your social media accounts.
  • Strong Security — Security is super important. Your web design should include basic security and privacy protocols to protect client and user data.

Contact NUVEW for Website Redesign

NUVEW has transformed numerous websites over the years. We understand how technology prompts change and often sites need to be refreshed and updated. Our experienced web designers will update your website that features all the fundamental design elements. We can improve your online presence. Please contact NUVEW today by clicking here, or by calling us at 219-323-3343.

First Impressions Matter In Website Design

Your Website Should Create An Immediate Impact

Think about how you search the web in today’s world of instantaneous information. You can click on 10 different websites within seconds of searching for keywords. How can you make sure as a business owner that web searchers remain on your website?

First impressions can make or break your online presence and here’s why web design impacts whether users will stay or move on to the next click.

It’s a matter of seconds. With so many options in most searches, users will judge your site quickly and swiftly. With more choices, it’s easier for potential clients to move on to another site and leave yours behind. A good, solid design helps keep searchers interested.

It’s a sign of reliability. Good design reflects accuracy of information. Viewers are more likely to trust your website content if it is presented in a professional manner.

It’s also an indicator of your business. If your website looks like it was designed back in 2000, what could that say about you as an entrepreneur? Maybe that you are out of tune with today’s marketing or that you don’t keep up with your business in general. A current and clean look shows you are on top of all aspects of your company.

It’s key for more clicks. If searchers leave your website after a bad first reaction, then why would they return? Part of prompting return visits and clients is having a website that people will go to and come back to.

It’s about mobile too. Maybe your design is good to go on a laptop or desktop but doesn’t pass muster on a smartphone. Think about how many times you launch web searches on your phone when you are out and about. When a site is unreadable on a mobile format, it is frustrating and can indicate a company’s lack of being in the know. Mobile design is as important as desktop design.

It’s beyond design to navigation. Let’s say you have a great layout with great visuals and vital information on your homepage all offering a great first impression. But what about the step beyond with menu navigation? Ensure that once you have eyes on your site that it is actually functioning properly with easy-to-find navigation and menu tools.

Creating Website Design For Your Company

At NUVEW, we understand the intricacies of design and navigation and how it all works together. We keep your site responsive to all devices, which is so essential in today’s business world. We work with each and every client to conform the site to the company’s products or services. Whether you need an updated look and feel or are starting from scratch, our team of professionals can create a website that will make your company shine.

Discuss Options With Our Expert Team

We are happy to sit down with you to discuss your business and outline our website design ideas. Reach us by phone at 219-323-3343 or connect with us online.

Strike The Best Work, Life Balance As A Small Business Owner

How to Keep the Best Life Balance As A Small Business Owner

While everyone strives to keep family and work as separate as possible, entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to falling into an almost constant flow of work. Owning a small business takes a lot of time, effort, passion, and hard work and this can translate into too many hours of working “off the clock.”

There are ways to help keep your family happy while balancing the demands of being an entrepreneur.

Communicate. Make sure to discuss with your family the basics of what is going on at your business. Maybe it’s your busy season or you are on deadline. If your family is in the know, they will be better able to handle the long hours and during-dinner phone calls. On the flip side, make sure your employees understand when you are off and who to contact instead of you for help.

Schedule. Quality time with your family should be on your calendar. Family events should be no different than business meetings. Both should be planned and should not be interrupted by the other.

Delegate. A benchmark of being an entrepreneur is often having a say in everything about the business. While you should be aware of what is going on every day, you also need to hire, train and trust employees that will keep your business running smoothly while you are away.

Shut down. While it’s good to stay connected to your employees and business, you need to have boundaries. This may be turning off your phone during dinner, your kids’ sporting events, vacations or at a certain time every night.

Focus. Whatever you are working on – whether it’s work or play – make sure you are concentrating on the task at hand. The more focused you are on your current effort, the sooner you can wrap it up and move on to what’s next. Plus, your family will be happier if you are immersed in your time with them and not jumping at every beep your phone makes.

Prioritize. There may be days that you won’t get everything done on your to-do list. Making sure you know what is most important on both the family and work sides will allow for a sense of accomplishment on what gets done and the ability to let go of what didn’t as there’s always tomorrow.

Our Team Can Be Part Of Your Team

We can be the trusted professionals for your website and social media needs. At NUVEW, we offer such services as website development, website design, search engine optimization and social media management.  Our skilled crew can help you work toward your goals and ease some of the stress of running your business. We can be your web solution experts!

Connect With Us For A Web Site Plan

As small business owners ourselves, we understand wanting to have a flourishing business as well as a happy family. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you keep your work, life balance by allowing us to manage some of your marketing. Reach us by phone at 219-323-3343 or connect with us online.