What Changes Are Coming for Social Media Marketing in 2017?

Posted on December 27, 2016

Social Marketing Is Here to Stay

Raise your hand if you thought social media marketing was just a fad that would eventually go away, like so many other marketing fads. What started as an interesting possibility has now become an effective way to interact with your audience, garner new leads and make additional sales. There’s no question that social media marketing is valid and important and that it’s here to stay. It’s also something that continues to change and evolve at a regular rate. So with that backdrop in mind what can social media marketers expect to find in 2017?

Snapchat Is Boss

The social media platforms are endless, but some are obviously more popular than others, especially for marketing. However, right now Snapchat, which recently changed its name to Snap, Inc. is trending big. Snap has created an almost instantaneous form of communication that has caught on with the masses. Now look for the company to create additional products that will increase its capabilities, its popularity and its market share.

Twitter Is Down

While Snap is rising, Twitter is heading in the opposite direction. Some in the industry even think it could be near its end. While it’s impossible to say whether or not 2017 will be Twitter’s last, chances are it will likely survive. However, there could definitely be a continued decline in Twitter’s popularity as people move to other formats, like Instagram that offer additional and more relevant content.

Being Live Matters

It used to be fine to post photos and videos to share something after it happened. Of course, those mediums are still ok, but the trend is definitely moving toward live action. Anyone can talk about what it’s like being somewhere, but people don’t want to read about it, they want to see it for themselves, via live video feeds or real-time posting. That’s what it takes in this “instantaneous” society we live in.

Inspire Others

Social media posts cover every kind of attitude or emotion. There’s no end to what people will communicate. However, more and more, people are looking for inspiration and social media is becoming a common location to find it. Posts that inspire or use creativity will likely continue to rise and those who do it best will see positive results from their followers.

Trust NUVEW with Your Social Media Marketing

These are just a few of the possible trends you can expect to see in the coming year with social media marketing. Of course, no matter the changes, you can trust NUVEW to always be on top of the social media marketing game. Please contact us for help with your social marketing needs, by clicking here or by calling 219-323-3343.