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Facebook Marketing Tips You Should Pay Attention to

Putting your business on Facebook is a free and easy way to reach more potential customers. All businesses should have a strong social media presence, and maintaining a Facebook page is part of that. If you’re new to Facebook and Facebook marketing, here are seven Facebook marketing tips that can help to get you noticed. And remember, at NUVEW, we specialize in digital marketing, including social media marketing. Call our team directly for support. 

Make a Plan

As with anything that’s done well, a good outcome starts with a good plan. Sit down and map up what your social media strategy will be. For example, how often will you post? What types of content will you share? Will there be a theme to your content? Will you be in charge of posting, or will someone in your office do that? 

Focus on Design

While Facebook isn’t Instagram, which is to say that visuals aren’t as important as they are on other social media platforms, they are still important. For your profile picture, cover picture, and other visual content that you’ll post, make sure your designs are consistent and high-quality. You may want to consider hiring a graphic designer to create a logo or other graphics for this purpose. 

Post Strategically

Creating a strategy is part of making your social media plan. Your strategy refers to what you want the end result of a post/your interaction with customers to be. You don’t merely just want to put a photo or other content out there; you want your users to do something. Think about what your end goal is and how what you’re sharing — and when you’re sharing — contributes to that. 

Be Friendly

When you interact with customers and potential customers through Facebook or other social media sites, be friendly! We don’t just mean to be polite, but to talk with them as though they’re actually your friend. This can make people feel more comfortable. 

Consider Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a relatively inexpensive and productive way to get your business name in front of customers’ eyes. And one thing that’s great about using Facebook ads is that once the ad is set up, you can build a custom audience. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Video

One neat feature that Facebook has today is allowing users to go “live.” This means that rather than pre-recording a video and uploading it, a user can stream a video in real-time. This can be a neat way to announce different news for your business, give your customers an update, or just check in. 

Utilize All of Facebook’s Features

Finally, take some time to explore the various features that are available for Facebook users, from the live video feature mentions above to Facebook maps and more. 

Get the Help You Need

If you’re unsure about how to use Facebook for your business, don’t hesitate to contact NUVEW directly today. We provide attentive support and comprehensive digital marketing services. Reach us today to get started.



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