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How to Make Customers Want to Stay on Your Website 

As a small business owner, one of your top goals is to get customers and potential customers to convert from leads to sales. While there are many ways to do this—including providing great in-person customer service—your website is a portal to building long-term relationships. Not only do you need to drive users to your website, though—you need to be able to keep them there. Here are some tips for making customers want to stay on your website and engage with your brand:

Why Is Keeping a Customer on Your Website Important?

The number one reason that keeping a customer on your website is important is that a customer cannot take a meaningful action on your page unless they remain there for a minimum amount of time. If your page doesn’t meet certain criteria, you may have a high bounce rate—a number that indicates how many users leave your site before taking a meaningful action, like sharing their email, adding something to their cart, making a purchase, etc. If a customer “bounces” before engaging with your site in a meaningful way, chances are high that that customer will be lost for life.

How to Encourage Customers to Stay on Your Site

If you’re struggling with your company’s bounce rate, working with a reputable marketing company that specializes in website design, website development, and content creation services is strongly recommended. Some tips for getting customers to want to stay on your website longer include:

  • Incorporate video. Adding video to your website is a win-win. Most videos run for between 30 seconds and two minutes, which helps to keep a user engaged. Videos convey a lot of information in a short amount of time and are one of the most popular forms of engagement.
  • Increase website speed. One of the biggest factors contributing to bounce rate is slow loading times. If your website speed isn’t fast enough to accommodate a user’s expectations, you can count on them leaving early.
  • Write great blogs. One way to get customers to engage with your site for a longer period of time is to offer them information that they are truly interested in in the form of a blog. Blogs should be original, between 400-1,000 words in most cases, and based on the needs of your target audience
  • Write engaging, clear calls to action. A call to action, or CTA, is a short directive that tells a user what you want them to do, such as sign up for your mailing list. CTAs should be on every single page of your website, and should be clear and easy to understand. 

Get Help with Your Website Today

For more help improving your bounce rate metrics and keeping customers on your site for longer, reach out to NUVEW today. Our digital marketing professionals have years of experience working with small businesses in Indiana like yours!



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