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What to Look for in Your Marketing Data 

If you’re the owner of a small- or medium-sized business in Indiana, chances are that you already know that 1) you should be maintaining a business website, and 2) you should be collecting marketing data to help guide your website decisions. What you might not know, however, is what type of information in your marketing data you should be looking for, or how to analyze your data. At NUVEW, our team of content and digital marketing professionals can help! Here’s what you should know about what to look for in your marketing data and the professional services we offer—

What to Look for—and How to Analyze—Your Marketing Data

As you pour through the data that you’ve been collecting about your website and marketing efforts, there are a few important things to be on the lookout for:

1. Your KPIs. The first place to start is by getting clear about what KPIs, or key performance indicators, are most important for your business. For most small businesses, important website KPIs are:

  • Conversion rate—Number of conversions divided by the number of interactions 
  • Cost per conversion—Total cost of a marketing campaign divided by the number of conversions
  • Conversions—Number of users to your site who complete a desired goal
  • Bounce rate—Percentage of website users who leave your website before taking any action

2. Site traffic. In order to put the above numbers into context, you’ll want to know your overall site traffic amounts. Site traffic is simply the number of people who visit your website. 

3. Source of site traffic. Another important metric to understand is not only how many people make it to your site, but from where those users are being directed. Is another website linking to yours? Do you have a particularly popular blog that’s driving traffic? Are you getting traffic from your social media sites?

4. Return on Investment (ROI). There are a few different things that you can consider when measuring your ROI. You could look at overall ROI—total costs of your marketing campaign divided by total desired results (i.e. customers who made a purchase). But you might also consider your return on advertising spend alone, or the amount of money that you’ve spent on advertisements (paid ads) in comparison to the amount of money made on sales. 

How NUVEW Can Help

At NUVEW, we help businesses like yours design, develop, and maintain websites that achieve desired results. We’ll help your business understand what metrics it should be collecting, how to analyze those metrics, and how to adapt for better results based on the data. To learn more, reach out to us directly today or send us a message online at your convenience.



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