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How to Make the Most Out of Your Contact Form

Small businesses build their online presence with the intention of increasing conversion rates and securing new clients. Your site’s contact form is filled with potential, and it serves as a call to action that prompts visitors to follow through with reaching out. Creating an inviting contact form is a matter of knowing what attributes are most effective based on measurable ROI. NUVEW Web Solutions offers tips for making the most of your contact form. If you’d like to discuss your online strategy, contact us to speak to our web developer. 

Keep the Number of Fields Low

Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. Imagine that you are visiting your website for the very first time, and you want to learn more about the services. How likely is it that you’d be willing to fill out a contact form with 10 empty fields that are required? For the vast majority of people, the answer would be “no.” Assume your prospects feel the same: when they have fewer fields that they need to fill out, they are more likely to complete the form and submit it. 

Remember that you can collect more information about the customer once they speak formally with you, and your contact form is just a stepping stone. Limit the number of fields to five, and focus only on the basics, such as name and contact information. You can provide an additional space where they can provide more details, if necessary. 

Indicate Required Fields

It’s common for some fields in a contact form to be optional, such as the phone number. Make sure that the required fields are clearly indicated with an asterisk. By clearly marking which fields are required, you will increase the chances that your visitors will complete the form on the first try. Conversely, if the visitor doesn’t provide all of the required information and their submission fails, it’s far more likely that they’ll leave without trying again. 

Enhance Your Design

A contact form’s design is vital to your conversion rate. You’ll want to include these three design elements: 

  • Fields should align with the top of the page. 
  • Fields also should align with the left side. 
  • Use only one column. 

The simpler your contact form is, the easier it is to use. Avoid getting fancy since this only makes things confusing for your visitors. 

Build Trust

The purpose of a contact form is to request your visitor’s personal information, even though you are a stranger to them. This is an act of immense trust, and you’ll want to build that trust using these three tips: 

  1. Only request the necessary information. Any additional information can be gathered once you’ve built that initial relationship.  
  2. Clarify why you need certain information and what it will be used for. 
  3. Make sure your privacy policy is easy to access. 

Talk to a Web Developer to Learn More

Creating the perfect contact form takes some work, but it will significantly increase your ROI. Call NUVEW Web Solutions to explore effective designs for your website. We can help you enhance your online presence.



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