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Increasing Sales Conversions Using Website Features 

For most businesses, one of the primary purposes of having a website is to increase sales, or conversions (the number of people who are transformed from a lead to a sale). Digital marketing tools and website features can be integral in increasing sales conversions. To learn more about how to increase sales conversions using website features, reach out to our website design specialists at NUVEW today. 

1. Collect Data

Collecting and analyzing visitor data is one important part of increasing sales conversions, as data can inform decisions about website design and content. Types of data that are important to collect include:

  • Amount of website traffic
  • Source of web traffic
  • Bounce rates for various pages on your website
  • Click-through rates
  • Any other quantifiable data that is relevant to your goals and objectives

Once you have as much data as possible, you’ll have a better idea of what works on your website and where to make changes. 

2. Highlight Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is essential to what makes your business unique and what customer needs you can satisfy. Why should a user buy your product or choose your service? 

Your value proposition should be stated loud and clear on your website—there shouldn’t be any question about what sets your business apart or why your company is the one to choose. What’s more, don’t just state your value proposition a single time—it should be on various pages, shine through in copy and headlines, and even be clear in the images and graphics you choose to represent your brand. 

3. Improve Your Sales Copy

As the old adage goes, content is king. As such, if your sales copy isn’t strong or is a little outdated, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Your sales copy should be persuasive in order to be effective. Part of this will be improving your titles and headlines, as many people just scan these in order to get the gist of the content. 

4. Include Reviews

One thing that can set your company apart from others and help to build trust in your brand is to include customer reviews and testimonials about your products or services. Other users may feel more comfortable investing in your product if they know that others have had a positive experience. 

5. Make Navigation Easy

Finally, if it’s hard to add items to a cart or find the check-out option, users are more likely to abandon your site. Keep things easy by making navigation simple and straightforward. Complex navigation is one of the biggest mistakes that companies make when building websites. 

Call NUVEW for Help Improving Your Conversions Through Website Features

To learn more about improving your conversions through website features and how the website design and digital marketing professionals at NUVEW can help, reach out to us by phone or online.



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