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Landing Page Examples You Should Emulate

The landing page is where a user “lands” when they first enter a website, such as a homepage. While landing pages all look different, they all have the same goal: to get the user to do something. Usually, this something is to provide contact information, to sign up or make a purchase, to travel to another page, or to take another action. 

Because landing pages have a specific purpose, it’s important that they are user-friendly, engaging, and optimized to connect with the user. A lot of companies do a great job at landing page design — here are a couple of unique examples that can serve as inspiration for your own business page. At NUVEW, we offer landing page design that’s comprehensive, unique, beautiful, and engaging. Call us today to learn more — 

Khan Academy’s Homepage

The homepage for Khan Academy doubles as a landing page, something that is often hard to do well. But Khan does it perfectly. Good takeaways to pay attention to on this page include:

  • Motivational text
  • Clear intent to target three different user types (those who want to teach something, those who want to learn something, and parents)
  • Clear, succinct, and easy-to-understand explanations of what Khan Academy does 
  • A call to action, or CTA, which says, “Start learning now” and is recurring throughout the page as you scroll

What’s more, their colors are eye-catching but not overwhelming. Check it out for some inspiration!


When you go to Lyft’s landing page, it’s easy to see who the content is for and what the main takeaway is, a key element of a successful landing page and, in general, successful content marketing. In addition to immediately understanding that the company has focused in on users’ primary motivation — making money easily — the page also provides a clear path for users to get signed up. 

Finally, one great thing that Lyft does is provide two distinct paths to conversion (to convert a user from a visitor to a sign-up). For those who are ready, they can sign up immediately; for those who need more information, a pop-up is embedded which gives users an option to calculate how much they may earn and then takes them to a sign-up form.

Need More Examples? Connect with NUVEW

If you need help creating a landing page that’s as unique and engaging as your business, call NUVEW today. We have years of experience creating landing pages and are happy to help. We are specialists in website design, development, and marketing. Reach out to us today by phone or online to tell us more about your business and get the support you need.



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