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Three Responsive Website Design Mistakes That Really Hurt

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt

Most likely you know by now that your website must be responsive, also known as mobile-friendly, in order to attract the most users and keep them. You also likely know that your rankings can be negatively affected if your site is not responsive. So, if you still haven’t gotten on board with the whole mobile-friendly web design movement then it’s time to get with it. Otherwise, you risk losing serious ground in the rankings. However, for those who have made the switch there might still be some work that needs to be done. That’s because some people make some serious mistakes when their responsive web design, which could be costly.

Trying to Convert a Desktop Site

So what mistakes might you be making that could hurt your responsive web design? Some people who own a website don’t want to pay the price to create a whole new site that is responsive, so instead they try to convert their current desktop version into a mobile-friendly version. This just doesn’t work, because there are too many factors and items that won’t translate from a desktop computer to a mobile device. Internet speeds can also vary which will affect load times and in the end users will become frustrated with the experience and likely won’t return.

Using Desktop Analytics to Design Your Mobile Site

While it might seem like a logical move, the fact is people behave much differently on their desktop computers than they do on their mobile devices. Therefore, designing your responsive website based on the analytics data from your desktop and making structural changes that fit those analytics doesn’t equate to positive results.

Creating a Completely Separate Mobile Site

Another common mistake web owners make is to create two completely different websites: one for a desktop and another one for mobile devices. This can be very confusing to users, as both sites will have different URLs. You might even end up being penalized for having duplicate content because each site has it’s own address. You will also have to double your SEO and marketing efforts so you can get visitors to both sites. The bottom line, this is a bad idea.

Get the Right Responsive Design With NUVEW

Your web design is so important to your overall business success. You have to make sure that it’s responsive to whatever size screen people are using to access it. Please contact NUVEW today if you are in need of assistance with your mobile web design. Don’t make one of these costly mistakes that will only end up hurting you more. At NUVEW, we’ll create a responsive web design that meets all your users’ needs and keeps them coming back again and again. Please call us at 219-323-3343 or contact us online for help today.



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