Technology Is Changing the SEO Landscape

Posted on August 22, 2017

How Tech Advancements Are Impacting SEO

Do you remember when SEO consisted of filling your web page content with specific keywords and links so search engines would find your website first? How times have changed, right? SEO, like almost any industry, has evolved and it continues evolving on a regular basis. In fact, SEO looks nothing like it did when it began. These days, it’s all about content marketing, mobile search and social media. Another huge influence on the SEO industry has been technology, and from the looks of it that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Tech and SEO

In fact, there are several technologies that are already playing a key role in the SEO industry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Voice Search – using your fingers to type in a search term is so three years ago. These days, using your voice to search the web has become the standard mode of operation. As more and more searches are done by voice and mobile voice-activated assistants get more sophisticated mobile voice searches are going to continue affecting the SEO industry.

Mobile Usage – although mobile usage seems like it’s been around forever, the truth is it has really taken off in the last five years. Of course, it is now so common that most Internet users access the Internet on a mobile device instead of a desktop. Thus, having a mobile friendly website and optimizing it for mobile search is vital for a successful SEO campaign.

Virtual Reality – while virtual reality (VR) is not like other media in the SEO industry it is likely to start playing a bigger role. Because VR is a way to tell creative stories that truly engage and immerse your users it will become a bigger part of SEO. Furthermore, VR can bring the user experience directly to your customers, no matter where they are, which can help you optimize your ads and your messages.

Content Is Still King

Despite the continually larger role that technology is playing in the SEO industry, there is one thing that never seems to change: the importance of quality content. No matter what type of medium being used, it’s still important to produce quality and useful content. Thus the phrase, “content is king” still applies today and will likely still apply just as much 20 years from now and beyond.

NUVEW Has You Covered

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