Web Design Tips Aimed at Building Trust

Posted on August 29, 2017

How to Earn Your Users’ Trust

How valuable is trust? It doesn’t really matter the situation, if you have trust in someone or something it makes a huge difference. On the other hand, without trust it is very difficult to move any relationship forward. The same is true for your online business. When a visitor lands on your site you want to be able to earn his or her trust from that very first moment. There are several factors in gaining and building trust, including your web design.

Why Web Design Matters

In almost every instance the first thing a visitor will notice is your web design. That’s why it’s such a key component in creating and building trust. Here are several important website design strategies that will help build that trust and keep your visitors coming back.

Solid Design That’s Easy to Use

It starts with a solid design that is easy to use, looks good and gives off an overall good vibe. That means it should be pleasant to look at, offer simple navigation and be mobile-friendly. Your website should also be designed to be helpful, as well as transparent. That means you can’t try to hide anything and your products and services should be easy to find and understand.

Other Trust-Building Design Elements

Here are several other web design elements that can help you create and build trust with your users.

  • Using case studies and meaningful statistics in an easy-to-understand method.
  • Offer proof of trust and reliability with social media followers and customer testimonials and reviews.
  • Be sure to display any credentials, certifications and awards that you might have earned.
  • Develop your own brand and voice and use your web design to display them.
  • Use email marketing to gain your visitors’ trust and to continue building and nurturing your relationship over time.

Web Design You Can Trust

At NUVEW we understand the importance of effective web design, no matter which audience you are trying to reach and what message you are trying to send. Our web designers build easy to use websites that help attract and retain new visitors. If you need a web design that will improve your web traffic and increase your leads, you can trust NUVEW to build the right website for you. Please contact us today by calling 219-323-3343, or get in touch with us online by clicking here.