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The 101 on Getting Started with E-Commerce

E-commerce is a popular way to do business in the digital age, especially post-COVID-19 pandemic, when people got really comfortable ordering items online. If you already have a business with a storefront and a website to boot but are interesting in making the transition to an online e-commerce platform, here’s the 101 on how to get started—

  1. Choose Your Platform

The first thing to consider when getting started with e-commerce is the right platform to list and sell your goods. The right e-commerce platform for you might depend on various factors, including your niche and your products, your budget, your familiarity with e-commerce, and your target customer and the platform that they are most likely to use. At NUVEW, our team can help you to select the right e-commerce platform based on all of the above and your business objectives. 

  1. List Your Products

Once you’ve selected your platform, the second step is listing your products. Depending on your business type, you may be listing your own products, or you may be sourcing products for sale from another company. Once your products are listed, be sure to assign them prices. It’s important that you do a test run of the check-out process. Pretend you’re a customer and add something to your cart. Change the quantity. Delete and add a different item. Go to check out, select a shipping speed and destination, etc. 

  1. Market, Market, Market 

Perhaps the most important part of getting started with an e-commerce platform is knowing how to market the platform and your business! In the digital age, digital marketing is integral to a business’s success and long-term ability to acquire and retain customers. A good online marketing strategy involves the strategic use of search engine optimization, content, images, graphics, calls to action, and social media, amongst other things. 

Get Help From NUVEW Today

At NUVEW, our team realizes that transition to an e-commerce platform can be a big leap for small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Indiana, and that in some cases, the transition can be overwhelming. When you work with our team, we can provide a full range of digital marketing services for your e-commerce business, including blogs and content, landing pages, search engine optimization and local search engine optimization, website design, website development, content audits, and more. To learn more about our team of professionals and the wide range of services that we provide for businesses like yours, please reach out to us directly today online or by phone. We are here to help!



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