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Five Elements for Converting Website Visitors into Repeat Customers 

As a business with a website, the primary purpose of your website is to increase conversions—the number of users on your website who are converted from mere visitors to actual customers. Of course, the long-term goal is to turn customers into repeat customers. This goal can be achieved in part by offering a great product and services, but also by maintaining a high-quality website. Here’s a list of five elements to focus on when trying to convert website visitors into repeat customers—

  1. Search Engine Optimization 

You should start by assessing your search engine optimization, or SEO, strategy. Do you have an SEO strategy in place? When was the last time that you updated it? Are your keywords outdated? Optimizing your website with keywords and keyword phrases can help to draw people into your site and convert them into customers. 

  1. Great Content

Content is what really sells. For your blog, you should be updating it and posting to it regularly. Your content should be original, fresh, and convincing. It should also be compelling and legitimate—something that can help to improve the authority of your content and your overall website is to link to trusted sources. If you’re having trouble brainstorming or creating content, our content creation specialists at NUVEW can help. 

  1. Fast Load Times

If your website doesn’t load quickly, you are sure to lose customers before they even reach a landing page. You can check the load time of your website using free sites. If it’s not fast enough, talk to a professional about updating it. 

  1. Engaging & Navigable Design

Website design is one of the most important factors impacting user experience, and user experience is one of the most important factors influencing conversions. A website that has a high user experience (UX) rating is one that’s fast to load, engaging, creating, and easy to navigate. This is one of the primary reasons that working with a professional for website design services is so important. 

  1. Calls to Action 

Finally, visitors to your site won’t know what you want them to do if you don’t ask them to add an item to their cart, leave their email address (in exchange for a discount code), or check out within the next hour (for free shipping) if you don’t prompt them. Calls to action are a key part of a successful website that drives conversions. 

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