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Using Instagram to Market Your Business

Instagram is a very popular social media platform that is used by people of all ages worldwide. For businesses, the use of Instagram provides a unique marketing opportunity. The following provides some tips on using Instagram to market your business—to learn more or to get help from a social media marketing professional, call NUVEW today. 

Why Having Instagram Is Important for Your Business

Regardless of your feelings about Instagram, statistics don’t lie. Today, using Instagram as a business may be integral to the business’s marketing objectives. Indeed, over one billion people use Instagram every month, 81 percent of people use Instagram to research products and services, and the average Instagram business account posts once per day. If your business isn’t using Instagram, it’s missing out on an opportunity to connect with customers. 

Using Instagram for Business: Best Practice

As you figure out the best way to use Instagram and other social media platforms for your business, keep these tips in mind—

  • Optimize your link in bio. Instagram doesn’t allow for direct linking in posts, but you can put links in your profile’s bio. For businesses, creating a link tree that allows you to link to various parts of your website is strongly recommended. 
  • Use geotagging. Geotagging is great because it can help to target customers that live and work in the same area that your business is located. This way, you’re targeting your efforts at customers who may actually interact with your product.
  • Use highlights. Instagram Stories allows for Highlights, which prolong the life of stories that you share and allow you to share these stories on your profile. 
  • Post strategically. It can be difficult to post strategically if you aren’t sure what type of content to share, who your audience is, or how often you should be posting. That being said, creating a content calendar that specifies exactly what type of content will go out when—and even pre-scheduling it—can be very useful. 
  • Use Instagram Live. Instagram Live is a neat feature that allows you to share content in real-time. You can use Instagram Live to talk about a new product, interview someone in the industry or a customer, run a Q&A, and more. Using Instagram Live should be a regular part of your Instagram strategy. 
  • Get help from a professional. Doing all of the above and more can be overwhelming for a business owner tasked with numerous other to-dos. Getting help from a social media professional is strongly recommended if you truly want your Instagram account to have a big impact on your target audience. 

Call NUVEW Today for Social Media Marketing Support

At NUVEW, we offer social media marketing support that gets results. To learn more about our team and how we can help you improve your Instagram strategy, reach out directly by phone or online at your convenience.



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