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What NOT to Include in Your Organization’s Email Newsletter

Sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter to your business’s/organization’s mailing list is one way to connect with customers and keep users engaged in your business. However, an email newsletter will only be effective at achieving your goals and driving sales or organizational support if it’s well-designed and includes content that’s relevant to your readers. While there are many best practices that you should follow for creating a newsletter, there are also some things to avoid. These include–

Too Much Information

In the digital world, consumers have an overwhelming amount of access to information. While this can be a great thing, consumers don’t want to be bombarded with too much content at once, especially if that content requires more than quickly processing an image or text. Make sure you’re sharing information that’s relevant and digestible, and that you’re not overwhelming your audience by offering up too much at once. 

Content for Multiple Audiences

Another big mistake that organizations and businesses make when creating a newsletter is that they try to create content that resonates with everyone rather than developing content for a specific audience. If you haven’t spent time analyzing who your business’s target audience is, now’s the time to do so. If you attempt to go too broad with your content, you won’t resonate with anyone

Content that Isn’t News-Worthy

Another big mistake that organizations make when developing newsletters is creating content that isn’t news-worthy. What this means is that you’re just publishing fluff, rather than news and updates that your consumers want to know about. Make sure your content is timely and relevant to your audience. This is, after all, a newsletter. 

Bad Graphics and Images

Visuals are incredibly important in your newsletter. But don’t just throw in pictures and graphics haphazardly – you need to choose images that are well-designed and that will resonate with your audience. One mistake that’s common is just using stock photos that aren’t personal. Whenever you can, use real images from your company and make things personal. Need help designing graphics? Call NUVEW – we’re experts!

Get Help With Your Organization’s Newsletter

A good newsletter could be a key element in your aim to drive leads and create lasting relationships with your customers. By avoiding some of the common errors listed above, you’ll have a better opportunity to meet your marketing goals. At NUVEW, our digital marketing experts can help you manage your email campaigns, including the creation and distribution of a newsletter. To learn more, call us today or send us a message telling us more about your goals.



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