What’s Coming for Web Design in 2018?

Posted on February 27, 2018

The Latest Web Design Trends

It’s here! 2018 is upon us and that means another exciting year of innovation has just begun. That also means your website has to be prepared for all the latest and greatest new trends. But with so many website design available how will your website stand out from the crowd this year? By knowing and implementing the latest and most exciting web design trends as they happen. The following trends are a good place to start.

Mobile-Friendly Matters

No matter where you go and who your audience is the writing is on the wall. Mobile matters most. Your website must be designed and optimized for mobile users and mobile search. More people from all parts of the world search the web with smartphones and tablets, than they do with desktop computers. If your web design is not responsive then you will lose visitors fast.

Authentic Content Counts

In this day and age of online content, users want content they can count on and trust. That means your content needs to be authentic. This is true for all kinds of content, including images and video. Yes, generic images can be good, but creating your own, original images for your site is even better.

Original Web Design

The number of websites seems endless. And so many have the usual run of the mill design. So how do you differentiate your site and break through the clutter? By creating original, handcrafted design. The best way to do this is by hiring an expert web design firm that can create a site that’s custom fitted for your business.

Victory With Video

Everyone likes to watch. Video is becoming the preferred type of content and the more quality offerings you have the better results you’ll get. Research shows that showing a video before using a call to action increases conversion rates by almost 145 percent. That means having video on your home page is a great place to start.

Get the Right Web Design for 2018 With NUVEW

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