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Are You Creating Purposeful Content or Purely Aesthetic Content?

From the outside, creating content for social media appears to be simple. But once you actually devote time and energy to developing it, content creation can soon become a burden. There are many aspects of quality social media content that your company must consider: tone, message, intention and aesthetics are just a few examples. Any content you put out there should be created with a strategy in mind. So, is the content you’re posting on social media now purposeful or purely for aesthetics? NUVEW Web Solutions breaks down these two different kinds of content below. 

What Is Purely Aesthetic Content?

Purely aesthetic content includes any content that is created to look good visually. The post might contain an interesting photo and match the overall theme of your social media profile, but its message is put in second place. Visuals are prioritized over purpose, and as a result, you are missing out on the benefits of connecting with others through a meaningful message. Make an effort to express clear intentions in your social media posts for the best results. 

Sure, aesthetics deserve attention since an attention-grabbing photo will make a big difference in the context of a busy social feed. But don’t overlook purpose in favor of “perfect” content. Less-than-perfect content, such as real-life images, process posts and team group photos, are relatable and convey your brand. Thoughtful content is more memorable to your viewers and can express what makes you unique. 

How to Create Purposeful Content

Unlike content that is made for aesthetic purposes only, purposeful content is the kind that your business spends time strategizing. You determine a core message you want to convey and have a posting schedule planned out for maximum engagement. 

Here’s what to consider when making content with purpose: 

    • Determine your business’s goals
    • Understand your audience and what they’re looking for
    • Categorize your content to have a balance of different topics
    • Optimize your content for different social platforms 

Importance of Purposeful Content

Purposeful content, alongside creative content, is an excellent method to stand out in a social feed. By strategizing your social media content’s posting, you will notice their performance improves. Eventually, you’ll have data over the course of weeks that reveal what times of the day work best for posting in terms of engagement and visibility. You’ll also develop a creative connection to your content. 

Be sure to vary the topics you choose. You don’t want to fall back into auto-pilot mode, or creating content without putting enough thought into it. One tip to help you strategize includes creating a database of social content in advance. By planning ahead, you can have a variety of content that can be posted at regular intervals. Doing so will ensure clients remain invested in the story your brand is telling. 

Contact Our Social Media Marketing Specialists Today

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that you can use to leverage your content to connect with a whole new audience. Creating content that is purposeful allows you to actively draw clients into the customer journey and secure new leads. Call NUVEW Web Solutions to discuss your social media strategy today!



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