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Digital Marketing During the Holiday Season

Most big businesses—the well-known box stores, department stores, and online marketplaces, like Amazon—start marketing products for the holidays weeks before the holidays even hit. For smaller businesses, it can be easy to fall behind the wave of big-business marketing during the holiday season, which means the risk of losing out on customers. At NUVEW, we can help you to bolster your digital marketing efforts during the holiday season. Reach out to us today for help you can count on. 

Best Holiday Digital Marketing Tips

The holidays open up the potential of connecting with more people and converting more users into sales than ever before as people scramble to buy gifts and take advantage of sales. Here are some great holiday digital marketing tips—

  • Promote shopping campaigns. Shopping campaigns, or shopping ads (previously known as Product Listing Ads), are a great way to promote products. If your business sells physical products, then shopping campaigns provide a user with all of the information they need about a product in a small snapshot. 
  • Use automated ads. In addition to shopping ads for businesses with a physical product, automated ads are also strongly recommended. Automated ads through AdWords allows you to create targeted ads in advance, and then set them and forget them. For example, you can schedule an ad to kick off a week before Black Friday, and then shut off again at the end of the Black Friday weekend. 
  • Change your ad language. During the holidays, you need to home in on your ad copy and make sure that your language will resonate with customers. Not only should your ad copy be unique, but it should also take advantage of holiday language (which reminds users that the holidays are upon us and they need to act soon, and also that your product is current). 
  • Perfect your timing. The holidays are stressful for everyone, and people may be feeling a bit frantic and overwhelmed. Good marketers will know that perfecting their timing and their language can lead to ads that help to ease shoppers’ stress and let shoppers know that your product or service—especially if they buy it now—is the exact solution to what they’ve been looking for. 
  • Create urgency. Finally, building off of the above regarding timing, the holidays are the time of year to create a sense of urgency, especially in the few days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. By creating promotions and deals that are time-dependent—i.e. “Save 10% when you order by midnight!”—you’re creating a sense of urgency that can lead to action. 

Call NUVEW Today

To learn more about how to perfect your digital marketing effects during the holidays, reach out to NUVEW directly today or by phone. We are here to help you!



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