What New Trends in Website Design Are Coming This Year?

Posted on May 26, 2015

The World Wide Web is constantly changing and that means websites are constantly changing as well. Just when you think you know what the latest popular design format is, a popular new design comes along and steals all the attention. Of course, every website should be responsive, as we’ve already mentioned in this blog space many times before. However, having a responsive format is not the only important design element that matters when it comes to having a successful website. So what are some of the latest design trends that look to be popular for 2015? Let’s take a closer look.

Every industry is different and not every design format and web layout is right for every type of business. However, there are certain elements that seem to be common with a lot of new websites these days. For example, long scrolling sites are growing in popularity with many website designers. Instead of having a short page with several links to other pages, many companies are putting all that information on one long page, where users can access it all simply by scrolling instead of having to click elsewhere.

Another very popular trend right now in web design includes using splint-screens. This is usually done by having an image split when the user scrolls over it. Another common method to achieve this trend is to split the screen when a user clicks on an image or another type of link. This allows a website to display two relevant or important pieces of information at the same time.

Another move designers are using more is the move towards what is called in the industry parallax scrolling. This allows the background design to scroll more slowly than the foreground information, which creates a 3D type of effect that is well received by many users. Another design element that is not really new but still remains popular is using large visual headers. These headers have added a new element however, with many Web designers implementing silent videos in these headers instead of still shots.

Menu bars have always been part of just about any website. However, these days it is very common for designer to hide those menu bars, with them only appearing after a user scrolls over a button or icon. Lastly, storytelling is another popular website design tool that is growing in popularity. This involves designers telling the company’s story through images, video and other design elements and not just through written content.

All of these trends in web design are popular right now. Therefore, if you’re website is a little outdated and you think it could benefit from a redesign then NUVEW can help you. We’ll get your site up to speed and make sure that it is engaging your users and creating a positive experience. Please contact us online for more information about how we can help your website design. Call us at 219-323-3343 and let’s get started on your new website.