You’ll Be Seeing a Lot Less Of These Web Design Features

Posted on July 28, 2015

Have you ever taken the time to consider some of the features on your favorite websites? Have you noticed that some of those features you used to see on a lot of websites are starting to show up less? Perhaps those features that you were accustomed to seeing for so many years have been replaced by new ideas and trends. As with anything else in life the Internet is constantly going through change and that means website design is constantly evolving as well. When change occurs it is inevitable that some design features will simply fade away for good. So which trends can we expect to get buried this year?

Must Have Mobile-Friendly

One of the biggest design trends that will become a thing of the past is a desktop only site. With so much value being placed on mobile-friendly design, new websites will have to be responsive if they want to compete. Likewise, any websites that still haven’t made the change will need to get an updated design. Another design feature that appears to be headed out the door is complexity. Websites that are simplistic and easy to navigate appear to be favored over complicated designs.

Fewer Pages and Stock Photos

For years, most websites have had many pages. The more pages you have the better you score with search engines. However, it seems now that many users don’t want to take the time to click through to other pages. Many people prefer to stay on one page and access all the information there, especially when they’re on a mobile device. Another change that has taken place is the use of stock photo images. These days, web designers are using personalized, specific photos that better target users, instead of stock photos that don’t really convey the intended message.

Give Your Web Design a Boost

Having a quality web design that is both functional and pleasant is so important to any successful online marketing push. Without a Web design that engages users and keeps them coming back, it is very difficult to achieve the online success that one would hope. Like any industry web design evolves and changes and it’s important to keep up with the latest developments and trends. At NUVEW we have a dedicated team with the experience to design a website that fits your needs and engages your users. By phasing out older design trends and focusing on the latest tools you can achieve greater success with your online marketing efforts. Please click here to contact us for more insight into how we can give your Web design a boost, or give us a call at 219-323-3343.