Which Social Media Marketing Platform Is Right for Your Business?

Posted on October 6, 2015

You have a lot of options when it comes to social media and how you use it to market your business. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the biggest names in the industry but they are not the only ones. Most companies have discovered the importance of using social media as a marketing tool, and the great benefit these platforms can bring to their business. However, every company is different and what business “A” needs is not always the same as what business “B” needs. Therefore, with so many different options available, which social media marketing platform is right for you? That depends a great deal on your goals.

When it comes to business to consumer marketing, Facebook takes the cake. Facebook is a very effective way for businesses to reach out to and interact with their customers. Fan pages are one of the reasons for this. They offer several more personalization options than a personal profile page, and they allow for anyone to post and share stories and comments. Facebook also makes communication and interaction very simple with “Like” and “Comment” buttons that allow interaction without even accessing your page. Twitter is vey similar to Facebook in this regard, as it allows for quick and targeted communication between businesses and their followers.

On the other side of the equation, when it comes to business-to-business purposes, LinkedIn is the way to go. One reason that LinkedIn is better for B2B marketing is that it comes without all the added distractions of Facebook and Twitter. It is also great at finding the best-fitting prospects and it takes a business approach when you interact with these prospects. LinkedIn also has its Sponsored Updates feature, which allows users to implement targeted and specific ad campaigns to the right people in the right places. LinkedIn is also more cost-effective than other social media marketing platforms.

Of course, no two companies are exactly the same so what your business needs could be completely different from what another business needs. At NUVEW we know how to manage social media marketing campaigns no matter which platform you choose. We’ll help design the right social media campaign for you and your company’s needs. We understand the importance of social media to your business and we’ll help you get it right. Please contact us today at 219-323-3343 or click here to connect with us online.