Social Media Marketing and the Internet of Things

Posted on January 9, 2018

IoT is changing Social Media Marketing

Are you taking full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT)? Is your social media marketing keeping up with the IoT? What is the Internet of Things? Essentially this refers to any device that is connected to the Internet. Of course, smartphones, tablets and computers are obvious, but dozens of other types of devices are also connected. From our cars to our washing machines and from refrigerators to wearables, so many things interact with the Web. That means there are even more opportunities to reach your followers through social media marketing.

Always Connected

With so many devices connected to the Web, people will essentially be connected all the time. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, more than 5 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. So in reality, that means you can contact and share via your social media platforms even more often and in more ways, because people will have access to social media no matter where they go, anytime, anywhere. The possibilities to connect are endless.

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

Being able to connect from anywhere with just about anything, means sharing gets much easier. However, it won’t just be between people and their devices. Devices are now sharing data with one other and that will continue to increase.

New Social Niches & Micro Communities

Social media marketing already plays a role in most industries, but with the IoT we will likely see some sectors experience big changes, like healthcare for example. People will be able to interact with their healthcare providers, as well as insurance companies to a greater degree, which could alter how the entire industry operates. Additionally, the IoT is helping to create so-called micro communities where people can interact with each other for short periods of time. Connected devices can help people find the right communities to engage based on their preferences.

Get Your Social Media on Board With the IoT

People are now connected to so many devices because so many devices are connected to the Internet. Because of that, businesses and marketers have so many chances to connect with their customers, especially via social media. Sharing with your social media users will continue to become easier and that means your social media marketing efforts must be up to speed to keep up with this growing trend. NUVEW will help you create and implement an effective social media marketing campaign that will help you cover all the possible sharing channels, including the many new connected devices that are part of the IoT. Please contact us today by calling 219-323-3343 or by clicking here.