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What to Check After a Google Update

Google’s algorithms are ever-changing, and it can be difficult to know what’s expected, especially after a Google update. At NUVEW, our digital marketing professionals can help your business by performing a digital marketing audit and handling all website improvements. To learn more about what to check after a Google update and how our team can help, reach out to us today online or by phone to get started. 

What Is a Google Update?

Multiple times throughout the year, Google makes significant changes to its core search algorithms and systems. These changes are referred to as “core updates.” The purpose of core updates is to ensure that Google is providing authoritative and relevant content to its users. 

While core updates are generally positive and help Google to further its mission, they can be very damaging for a business that’s been relying on organic search for its web traffic. 

If Google has recently released a core update and your traffic has been implicated, don’t panic. Instead, refer to the following for what to check after a Google update, and then call our digital marketing professionals directly. 

What to Check After a Google Update

After a Google update, you’ll want to check a few things, especially if you notice that traffic to your site has been impacted! Top things to check include: 

  • Adwords/Google Search Console. If you are using AdWords/Google search to promote your content (as you should be!), then you’ll want to log in to your Adwords account or create a Google Search Console account. This will allow you to see how your ads have been impacted, what your traffic is, keywords that should be updated, etc. 
  • Google Analytics data. A great resource after a Google update is Google Analytics. Google Analytics will tell you how each page on your website has been impacted. 
  • Your “problem pages.” After reviewing your Google Analytics, do you notice that some pages are more problematic than others? If so, give these pages extra attention and spend some time getting to what the source of the issue is.  
  • Your content sources. One thing that could be lowering your rankings after an update is low-quality content. From where are you sourcing your content? If it’s not original and created by a human (i.e. not AI), it’s probably not going to be very effective.
  • Page authority. Finally, another thing to check are the links on your page. Sources that are low-quality or untrustworthy won’t help your rankings. 

Find a Digital Marketing Expert Today

To learn more about what to check after a Google update and how a professional can help, reach out to NUVEW directly today. We are here for you. 



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