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When it comes to effective web design there are many schools of thought as to what works and what doesn’t. Likewise, what is effective at one point may not be effective for long. What constitutes quality Web

If you still haven’t looked into pay-per-click advertising for your online business it’s something you should strongly consider. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are an effective way to increase your web traffic and in turn get more leads and

How Can PPC Help Your Business?

September / 15 / 2015

The World Wide Web is packed with millions of websites and more are being created and launched every day. No matter what type of business you own, it’s almost certain that someone else is trying to sell

The realm of online marketing is always growing and constantly evolving, which means as a small business owner you have to stay on top of the most current trends or risk falling behind the competition. It doesn’t

Just when you thought you were all covered in the SEO department, along comes something called local SEO. Chances are you already have your SEO plan up and running but you may not have considered local SEO.

There’s no one right way to do social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, MySpace and the like; they all have value in the social media sphere. Social media is an important part of any digital marketing

We often hear the term “must-have” in all kinds of different situations in life. The term “must-have” represents the most important things in life, or in business, or anything else. They are the things we can’t really

Where do you rank on the SEO knowledge meter? You know that SEO means search engine optimization. You know it's something you need to do if you have a website and you want to drive more traffic

What You Need to Know About SEO

August / 10 / 2015

Have you ever taken the time to consider some of the features on your favorite websites? Have you noticed that some of those features you used to see on a lot of websites are starting to show

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