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Strike The Best Work, Life Balance As A Small Business Owner

How to Keep the Best Life Balance As A Small Business Owner

While everyone strives to keep family and work as separate as possible, entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to falling into an almost constant flow of work. Owning a small business takes a lot of time, effort, passion, and hard work and this can translate into too many hours of working “off the clock.”

There are ways to help keep your family happy while balancing the demands of being an entrepreneur.

Communicate. Make sure to discuss with your family the basics of what is going on at your business. Maybe it’s your busy season or you are on deadline. If your family is in the know, they will be better able to handle the long hours and during-dinner phone calls. On the flip side, make sure your employees understand when you are off and who to contact instead of you for help.

Schedule. Quality time with your family should be on your calendar. Family events should be no different than business meetings. Both should be planned and should not be interrupted by the other.

Delegate. A benchmark of being an entrepreneur is often having a say in everything about the business. While you should be aware of what is going on every day, you also need to hire, train and trust employees that will keep your business running smoothly while you are away.

Shut down. While it’s good to stay connected to your employees and business, you need to have boundaries. This may be turning off your phone during dinner, your kids’ sporting events, vacations or at a certain time every night.

Focus. Whatever you are working on – whether it’s work or play – make sure you are concentrating on the task at hand. The more focused you are on your current effort, the sooner you can wrap it up and move on to what’s next. Plus, your family will be happier if you are immersed in your time with them and not jumping at every beep your phone makes.

Prioritize. There may be days that you won’t get everything done on your to-do list. Making sure you know what is most important on both the family and work sides will allow for a sense of accomplishment on what gets done and the ability to let go of what didn’t as there’s always tomorrow.

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Blogging Benefits For Your Small Business

Consistent and creative blogs on your website can really boost your online presence! Content creation in a blog format can drive your business’ search engine traffic, branding and social media platforms in the right direction.

What Can You Expect From Blogs?

Blogs can serve as a vital business tool on many levels – that is why we recommend you add this important section to your website.

Check out some of the reasons why you should add a blog to your site:

Build up search engine traffic. Having regular content added to your website allows for visibility through search engines.

Putting a face on it. Blogs can bring a personal touch to your business by connecting with potential clients on a more one-on-one level. You and your team can share your passion through the unique voice of a blog.

Backing up social media. Posting relevant and exclusive content is key for engaging social media accounts. By sharing blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, you can not only share your expertise but also drive traffic to your website.

Become an expert. Producing professional and industry-specific content can elevate your expertise and spotlight why you and your crew are leaders in your world.

Share your passion. You are an entrepreneur because you love you what you do! Blogs provide a path for you to bring your industry out into the world. When you share information and insights, you can expect to create stronger connections with your community.

Control coverage. Blogging is your platform to share your company’s news and insights. You don’t have to rely on media outlets to publish your anniversary, awards or employee news when you have your own outlet for these stories.

Start a discussion. Putting your business out there through blogs indicates you are ready and willing to have a conversation and are open to questions and input from customers.

Stay fresh. Search engines enjoy seeing new content added to websites and can offer better visibility to these types of websites. Links within blogs also can help generate page visibility and a better online presence.

Create a community. A well-written and professionally executed blog section of your company’s website can be the starting point for launching your own network and community. If you can create interesting material, your readers will share it and spark a new link to new people.

Help For Your Blogging Strategy

At NUVEW, we have a team of experts ready to pen your company’s blog routinely to keep your website remain current and tops in search engine optimization. We understand you have time constraints as an entrepreneur and can take this off of your plate. We generate blogs for local companies across the region and have the know-how and skills to improve your online presence. Contact us today to discuss a blogging plan by phone at 219-323-3343 or connect with us online.

What SEO Measurements Really Matter?

How Are You Doing With Your SEO

It’s time for another discussion about search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. So by now, you know that SEO is essential. You also know that it’s supposed to help you move up in the search engine rankings when you do it right. That means you’re supposed to get more visitors to your website, and in a perfect world, more business for your company. So of course, you’re probably always checking your SEO stats. Well, the funny thing about SEO is there are a lot of numbers to look at. But some of them are more important than others.

What You Should Measure

So how should you measure SEO? You need to answer these three key questions when you think about SEO measurements:

  • What can I measure?
  • What’s most important to my business?
  • What can I control?

So with those questions in mind, here are the key measurements of SEO that you should really care about:

Traffic – one of the first things you will measure is how much traffic you are getting to your website. You can track this in many ways, but Google Analytics is an easy tool to use for most people. It will help you track the number of visitors you have to all of your pages and how they got there.

Ranking – this is the big SEO statistic that everyone notices. How can you not? You type in a search and you see your company’s name at the top of the list. That’s great news, but page ranking is only one aspect of SEO. Yes, you should keep moving up as much as you can and do everything to stay at the top when you get there. But there’s more to SEO than your page ranking.

Engagement – This is a great way to get a true reading on the success of your SEO efforts. You want lots of traffic and a high ranking, but if your followers aren’t engaged then how much of an effect are you having on them? So, you need to engage them well and keep engaging them. You can measure engagement by how many likes, followers, shares, subscriptions, and purchases you get.

Leads or Revenue – we saved the best for last. None of these other statistics really matter if your bottom line is not moving in the right direction. This is the measurement that matters most. After all, this is why you are using SEO in the first place. At least it should be. Your ranking doesn’t really matter unless it’s helping you get more leads or conversions. So put the most stock into this measurement.

Make Sure Your SEO Is Hitting the Mark

There are many aspects to SEO and every business wants to come out on top. However, not all SEO statistics matter as much as others. If you’re not sure how to measure your SEO success, or even what to measure for, then it’s time to get some help from NUVEW. We understand SEO metrics and we’ll help you see the most important numbers. Please contact us today at 219-323-3343. You can also contact us online by clicking here.