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Social media; it’s that ever-present online entity that rules and controls the universe. OK, so maybe social media entities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and all the others don’t actually rule the universe, but they do

Search engine optimization (SEO) is here to stay. As the world becomes more dependent on the Internet to gather and find information about any product or service imaginable, the role of SEO will likely continue to play

Keywords, keywords, and more keywords: what’s the big deal about keywords? You’ve heard the term, but do you really know what keywords are, or what they do, or why they’re so important? Keywords are the relevant terms

If you own a business that includes a website, you might wonder if you really need to worry about online marketing. The answer is emphatically yes. Gone are the days that you can post some ads in

Just about everybody has heard of social media and most people have at least a basic understanding of what social media is. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Google+ or any other social media outlet, you know

The Internet is an unstoppable force that has become an integral part of customers’ and businesses’ lives. There are many businesses that are increasing budgets for online advertising instead of traditional marketing mediums due to the sheer

Law school graduates will soon put a different breed of attorney into practice. Established professionals need to worry. Out of sheer necessity, schools both elite and pedestrian have taken in more non-traditional students from a wider variety

What do penguins have to do with search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing? After all, this is about potential customers finding your website before they find your competitors’ websites first, right? It has nothing to do

Around a hundred years ago, immigrants escaping desperate conditions in Southern Italy came to Chicago for a better life of freedom and prosperity. They brought with them an amazing variety of foods and traditions that transformed American

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